FinReg Solutions is a subsidiary of the Spotlight Group group. The company offers products and services in the area of ​​FinTech and RegTech. In FinReg Solutions there are currently:

eAktiebok – Launched in 2014, an online-based solution for digital share books has been created. The services are aimed at unlisted companies in Sweden and their investors. In addition to the basic range, eAktiebok also sells other additional services such as an integrated function for trading between shareholders, with automatic generation of purchase notes, as well as an integrated communication function with shareholders.

Crowdfunding by eAktiebok – Equity-Crowdfunding service where we assist unlisted companies in their capitalization processes and help investors find interesting companies.

MCLogg – Digital tool for creating and managing insider lists (log books).

MCLogg Adviser– Digital tool for managing insider information. MCLogg Adviser looks and functions much like MClogg but is tailored for advisors.