Spotlight Group was established in 1997 and is a group consisting of independent businesses with a common purpose – to simplify growth for companies. Spotlight Group’s underlying businesses are Spotlight Stock Market, Markets & Corporate Law, Sedermera Fondkommission (including Sedermera Fondkommission DK ApS), Nordic Issuing, Shark Communication, FinReg Solutions, Gainbridge Capital (start-up phase), and Kalqyl (start-up phase). Spotlight Stock Market is a trading platform. Revenues come mainly from monthly fees from listed companies and trading commissions. The income from the legal adviser MCL comes mainly from legal advice linked to stock exchange and company law. Sedermera Fondkommission are financial advisers whose income mainly comes from services related to capital raising, transaction advice and current services within Corporate Finance. Nordic Issuing is an issue institute whose income mainly comes from the handling of issue technical work. Shark Communication is a communications agency specializing in the stock market and the financial sector whose revenues mainly come from communications work linked to transactions. FinReg Solutions is a Software-as-aService (“SaaS”) company whose revenue primarily comes from the sale of online-based solutions for digital stock and logbooks. Gainbridge Capital (under start-up) is a fund focused on growth companies. Gainbridge Capital’s income will primarily come from fund management. Through the Kalqyl service, listed companies are offered analyst coverage in connection with a new share issue, a listing or just to increase awareness of the company among retail investors. Spotlight Group intends to continue to be a pioneer in developing tools for listed growth companies and thereby create conditions for increased employment, innovation and competitiveness. The Group thus fulfills an important societal function.