Why invest in Spotlight Group?


Large underlying market –

Structural long-term trend where growth companies choose public ownership and listing. There are more than 43,000 companies in Sweden in the SME category1), which indicates continued great market potential. An equally important trend to emphasize is that already listed companies continue to grow, meaning that their capital needs over time, and thus the transactions that are carried out, generally become greater. Spotlight Group is correctly positioned to take additional market shares as the market grows.


Increasing recurring revenue –

Above 40 percent of the Group’s revenue is recurring, which provides a good basis for future growth. The Group has had an annual average revenue growth of about 10 percent over the past five years, and the Board sees significant opportunities for continued increased growth in the future.


Strong business model and market position –

The group consists of an open platform of stock market-oriented and scalable businesses and services, with strong revenue and development synergies between the various components. The Group’s market position and the expertise of the staff mean that the needs that arise in the market are quickly picked up and provide opportunities to start new businesses, as has been proven in the past year. In addition, large parts of the Group’s business are subject to an authorization obligation, which creates entry barriers for new players wishing to position themselves.


Potential in underlying profitability –

In recent years, the Group has shown growing profitability. Even during periods of major investments, the Group’s profitability has been good and increased continuously. Growth investments have further strengthened the conditions for increased profitability in combination with increased economies of scale in the form of more and larger transactions, increased productification as well as streamlined processes of various services.


Good opportunities for attractive dividends –

The Group has a stable financial profile and intends to distribute 50 percent of future earnings.


Strong and long-term owners and experienced staff –

The Group’s ownership circle today consists of a number of prominent Swedish investors as well as the broadened ownership that the listing in 2020 entailed. The listing also enabled increased ownership among management and staff. The Board, management and staff have broad, long-term and relevant experience in both business and service development as well as regulatory issues.

1) Statistics Sweden’s Business Register